Unpublished Editorial
4:05 AM | Author: Conrado Abrugar Macapulay Jr.
Like a Carnot Cycle

Juxtapose with the heated issue on the National Broadband Network (NBN)-ZTE deal, rice crisis and the unabated oil price hike that resulted to a nationwide transport holiday is the reaffirmation of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) memorandum order No. 13 of 1998, all of which involved Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s executive decision.
Catapulted with a myriad of scandals which prompted progressive and religious groups to plan mass actions on two consecutive Fridays, GMA supposedly has to redeem her shaky presidency, only to permit the removal of ceiling on tuition fee increase, without consulting the Filipino students and teachers who could “very well articulate the negative impact of school fee hikes.” The move only meant an addition to the many irate pronouncements of her critics.
True, the economic condition of the country has improved if only the government’s claim of increasing Gross Domestic Product (GDP) was taken into consideration, not to mention the publicized economic improvement which boasts of foreign investors, overseas Filipino workers and call center agents attesting to it. If this is the government’s mentality, then it is no surprise if PGMA would allow the removal of tuition fee increase ceiling.
“The reimplementation of CMO 13 reflects the Arroyo administration’s thrust of deregulation and state abandonment of education.”

The National Inflation Rate, which limits the tuition fee increase in the junked CHED memorandum order no. 14, describes the percentage of increase in the prices of commodities. Its removal equates to disservice to the Filipino students, forcing them to pay beyond what they should be paying as dictated by the national inflation rate. How could a Filipino student find salvation?
As such, education is much more a commodity rather than a right. Those who can afford can consume, the others would have to stick their heads on the mud.
This is not to say that tuition fee increase always represent an ignominy in the education system, especially when the improvements on school facilities are visible, with the school administrators complying in the procedures of the guidelines.
The battle is against the removal of tuition fee increase ceiling, a reflection of the government’s thrust on deregulation and state abandonment on its obligation to protect the right of its people to education as guaranteed in its constitution.
The tuition fee increase is comparable to Carnot cycle. The Carnot cycle evolves on two isothermal and two adiabatic phases; the tuition fee hike evolves from CMO 13 to 14. Temperature is held constant in isothermal conditions; tuition fee increase is limited by the national inflation rate in CMO 14. The efficiency of a Carnot engine depends upon the hot and cold temperature; the efficiency of tuition fee increase depends not only on the school administrators, but also the students themselves who should wisely utilize the school resources in order to be fully satiated by it.
- Tnx God! mapupublish ito sa July ish.